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June 27, 2020 by at United Kingdom, in
If we need to brush your teeth. We need to clean our face properly too properly to get rid of dirt that lie in our pores and cause various skin conditions including Acne. The Acne face cleanser is your daily gadget to keep your skin fit and healthy. To p
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Product Information

*To promote the absorption of skin care ingredients, effectively enhance the
effectiveness of skin care products
*Promote blood circulation, relieve skin pressure, promote absorption
*Engineered handle design for ease, it makes cleansing, exfoliating or massage effortless
*Can stand handle, precise radian, perfect fit hand profile

Material: Silicone+ABS+Synthetic hair
Color: Blue/Pink
Product size: 13 x 6 x 4cm

Package include:
1 x Facial cleansing brush

Double sided wash brush, facial cleansing requires delicate care

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