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Mauritius Weekender Festival 2021
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The Mauritius Weekender Festival our brand new ( shopping, music, entertainment, fashion festival)  will be taking place on the 25th - 27th of  June 2021. Mauritius Weekender Festival is a new exciting music, shopping, food, drinks,  fashion, and entertainment festival to launch in Mauritius. How many times have we all gone into our favorite shopping malls or outlets to find that they were empty or lack customer enthusiasm? Why, this is because customers now deserve more and with loads of new products hitting the market. It's important for brands to break away from traditional marketing and encourage their customers through an event-based exciting experience. Mauritius Weekender Festival is a unique annual festival that ticks all the boxes by building an opportunity to showcase your brand and products directly to your target audience. Highlights of the Mauritius Weekender Festival 2021 will include;  Shopping: Brands will have an opportunity to showcase their latest and current products directly to consumers in a more exciting way. Customers are excited to shop whilst they are being entertained. It is an exciting opportunity to target customers and market your products directly creating long-term customers via your participation. Food: Sample signature dishes from over 50 of Mauritius’s latest, greatest, and most exciting restaurants, as well as off-menu items created exclusively for  Mauritius Weekender. Music: An exciting line up of DJ's, surprise live acts and VIP beach driven afterparty and discover to new music via our Nationwide talent search, Mauritius Next Superstar   Fashion:  Get involved with our nationwide search for the Face of Mauritius - A model search that will earn the winner a modeling contract and RS250,000 worth of sponsored prizes.  Entertainment; -Beach Pool VIP Afterparty - Access to free bar - Access to exclusive catwalk fashion show - FREE shuttle from parking to the venue - More than 20  music Artists  -Massive open-air beach location  -Organic Decoration  -Multiple food & bar corners  -Organic Stage Design & Setup  -Fireworks  -Models - Stage acrobats - Robot LED Dancers - Fire-Breathers - 1 Big Happy Family ... AND MANY MORE!   Take your brand to higher heights by partnering with us for our annual Weekender Festival to engage, entertain and promote your business directly to your core target audience. What a way to stand out from the competition?