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La Rose de Damas
La Rose de Damas is a restaurant that specialises in Middle- Eastern Cuisine, mainly Moroccan and Lebanese. They Propose both a dine-in or delivery services to their customers who are consistently delighted with the quality of the menu on offer. The Restaurant strives to offer the best traditional Arabic cuisine to their clientele with key raw materials which are imported to guarantee the authentic taste of their dishes. La Rose de Damas also sources local products which guarantee the freshness of the ingredients. They have three outlets; one based in Sodnac, and the 2 others in the Cascavelle Mall.
Shamiksha Runnoo
Yuvna Curum
The MillionIce Phoenix
We are not only a dessert house we are a fast food... Selling Gourmet Burgers, Grill Fillet Chicken Burgers, Juicy French Tacos, Panini Double Cheese, Assorted Filling for Pancakes and our one and only Million Ice Rolls.
Sathebajee Karvesh
Markman Knives
Markman: Bringing you the best knives Zuberr Hyath is the director of Markman professional knives store based in Mauritius. Mr. Zuberr is the importer of some of the world most famous knife brands, such as Wusthof, IVO, ICEL, Fischer Bargoin. Highly influenced by his family members who were entrepreneurs for generations, Zuberr embarked on his journey of entrepreneurship in 2008, working in his hardware store. Contact detail : +230 5252 2021                E-mail : More information on Markman professional knives can be found on the link below :-
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Threeshika Napal
Good food ,Good times Come taste our delicious “Bouillon Special mine Tipik”&”Mine Bouille crab/chicken/lamb/octopus & Homemade boulettes(meatballs) Place order 428 2767
Gavin Goreeba
Double Li
Caterer A home-made Chinese artisanal handcrafted desserts in Mauritius. Vegetarian friendly and halal as well. 3 pick points across the island Rose hill (la gare/plaza/kfc) Ébène intermart And Port Louis (caudan/China town/ MCB headquarter)
Gavin Goreeba
Mokingo Property
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Interested in buying land or property around the world at pretty cheap rates. Mokingo Property has 290 estate agents across Africa, Europe, North America and Asia tasked at bringing to Mokingo lucrative properties at affordable rates.
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