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Wednesday, July 8, 2020 11:32 am - 2:32 pm

11:15 ‘Fashion Question Time: How Do We Communicate Fashion Now?’

Sarah Mower MBE, Ambassador for Emerging Talent, BFC; Ashish Gupta, Designer, ASHISH; Chioma Nnadi, Fashion News Director,; and Ib Kamara, Senior Fashion Editor at Large, i-D discuss all things fashion with a selection of BA and MA graduates

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12:30 ‘Life after Graduation’

Emma Davidson, Managing Director, DENZA; Sabrina Damassa, Founding Partner, Between Research Design; Franck Jacquard, President, Bakeneko; and Faye Mitchell, Head of Search, DENZA offer an insider’s perspective around the fashion recruitment landscape

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14:30 Meet the Course Leaders

UK leading fashion course leaders talk about their recent experiences, teaching remotely, challenges and wins

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