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We are pleased to welcome you to Mokingo. The global mullticultural social network . Mokingo is made by us for us and  Mokingo simply means ‘Love’.

Mokingo – Sometimes when we join a new social network, we are unsure on what we should be doing. That's ok, it is perfectly normal. That's why we hope this blog will assist in inspiring and motivating you to continue to do what you already do but LOUDER and more COMFORTABLE because this platform exist 100% because of YOU.

So, what does do? combines all the best things you can do on your traditional social networks i.e . Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin into one platform. Yes, you can post and share on your timeline, post pictures in our photos section, post podcast, music and videos in our music section and like Linkedin you can also post and apply for jobs. But, most importantly to build our  economy we need to be able to have all our black businesses globally in one destination in order for you to buy and sell seamlessly. With #Mokingo, you are also able to register a store in less than 5 minutes and start selling because Mokingo has it’s very own e-money wallet built within the platform to allow you to spend within the platform.

Every social network starts with a blank slate. It is truly like any new village or country. You, We, Us the people are responsible for nurturing and building this country daily until it becomes a global force. The POWER is in your hands. If you are posting frequently on other networks? Then, you should post the same on Mokingo and pull the conversation back to Mokingo. We can only succeed if we empower ownership and to truly empower is to take daily action. We have one rule and only one rule on Mokingo, everything you do within this platform has to come from a place of LOVE. From how you interact with eachother to any business dealings we have to be bound by our rule of LOVE. "Love thy neighbour like you LOVE yourself"

So, here are 10 things you can do to get started in building this new community.

 To  register all you have to do is log on to: 

(You will receive an e-mail, check your spam/junk folder as it might take a few minutes to show up. Once, you click the link on your email you will be officially ready to join this unique community) .

  1. Update your profile, and schedule at least 1 post a day – It could be a post that shares news, uplift the community, motivatational story you came across, something you are looking for?  or simply repeating some of what you have already posted in the past/present on other social media platforms. 
  2. If you are entrepreneurial, own a business, or have a product or service to sell?  you can start buying and selling via our Marketplace opening a store and adding your products here;  . Once, you get a link to your store, share it with everyone in your database so they know where to go to for your product/service.
  3. Feel passionate about blogging? Why not start your own blog here :  or start a page for your brand in less than 10 mins here; 
  4. Are you searching for jobs? Or do you want to hire permanent or freelance staff? Check out our recruitment section here;
  5. Are you into entertainment, check out our video and music section . If you are an artist you can post new music here: and if you would like to post videos or share an inspiring video. You can do so here; 
  6. You can vote or create a poll ihere ;
  7. Start and join a discussion over at our forums. Our forums are ready and waiting for your imput. The following rooms are available (more to be added in the future). So, why not be the FIRST to break the ICE and start the debate here :  Some of the rooms include;
  • *a) Building a Global  Economy
  • In this forum we discuss, how to build a global successful economy.
  • b) Your Health is Your Wealth
  • Your Health is Your Wealth, is an opportunity for us to discuss ways to look after ourselves more. We are what we eat, so we need to contribute tips for us to diet and eat to survive.
  • c)  Business - Marketing/PR Strategies
  • Here we discuss marketing and publicity strategies for black entrepreneurs and black businesses. Here we share any strategies that have worked for members and tips to market our brands, products and services being sold on Moking Marketplace online and via other retail outlets.
  • Other rooms include; Fatherhood, Motherhood, Politics, Investing  and many more!.  All this rooms are waiting for you to start a thread and start a debate.

8.) Finally, shhh... don’t keep Mokingo a secret ....Share the inviting your friends, family, partners by simply going here

9.) Invite your friends and family to join by sharing –

10.) Similar to Number 9, we are repeating invite your friends and family to share #Mokingo, join and actively participate and in the words of our founder Jordan  “Our mission to succeed is and always will be when we realise that UNITING together to LOVE and SUPPORT eachother to the fullest is PARAMOUNT to our very own EXISTENCE”.

United we stand, United we win

Love, Mokingo Team

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