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19/06/20 Mokingo Group International today announced the launch of Mokingo social media and e-commerce platform by Africans for Africans in the continent, diaspora abroad and people of African descent worldwide. Available on both desktop and mobile, creating the first agnostic technology platform to organize, socialize and monetize the new thriving e-commerce sector. Mokingo has spent the last five years creating a next-generation social network that is inclusive of a customized selling and shopping experience for every user. Integrated with channels like Facebook, Linked, and Google, anyone can create a Mokingo login by visiting Merchants can register and create their store to sell on Mokingo by going to  

“Built on top of a social framework, Mokingo is an entirely new distribution concept coined ‘social distribution.’ Using Mokingo’s proprietary ‘endorsement’ feature, influencers have an opportunity to turn their followings into a business,” said Jordan Makia Kensington, West African, founder and CEO of  Mokingo. Along with shopping, selling, and getting compensated for activity via activity points, users can socialize, search and discover people, music, videos and brands, create and join groups and document their life journey. “Mokingo plans to aggregate the fragmented social network community into a one-stop-shop for everything Africa.”

Jordan notes that the existing model for distribution of goods and services by Africans in the continent, the diaspora abroad and the community of African descent  is inefficient, resulting in unsold inventory, unnecessary expense and limited exposure to new customers.  The rise of movements against racism have publicly highlighted the outcry from black communities who have felt underrepresented for decades. Democratizing distribution through social networks, Mokingo provides a solution for merchandise to get distributed to a global audience of active lifestyle participants who evangelize and socialize what they love, including gear, apparel, consumer tech, and much more. Mokingo evens the playing field for smaller brands, and event managers who typically have limited capital resources, by offering a low-/no-cost means to distribute product. Event organisers who have had to tailor their business to a much more virtual presence during lockdown can now use the events section of the platform to post events, invite members, and sell tickets directly from

“Brands and merchants now have direct access to massive armies of like-minded consumers and distributors, directly and through social influencers, that they can target and incentivize without having to build elaborate or expensive technology solutions themselves,” said Jordan. “Mokingo is simply connecting everyone with an industry leading technology platform that allows for these connections to result in sales and earnings for the brands and the referring party.”

The parent company Mokingo International, who are also responsible for the Global African Business Awards and GAC – Global African Conference responded to the feedback of successful entrepreneurs attending their conference and awards ceremony in 2018 in Addis Abba, Ethiopia where the businesses called for a platform where African businesses can advertise for jobs and pull a huge database of Africans across the continent, the diaspora abroad and those of African-American or Afro-Caribbean decent who are eager to contribute to the growth of Africa. Mokingo provides the perfect solution by creating an easy to use section where businesses can easily post a job and receive applications, schedule interviews and much more.

For the first time, brands can now distribute through their most loyal customers while social influencers can engage and activate their networks in new ways, all while creating a real revenue stream for themselves. The larger their network, the more they can earn so the plan is to organically grow the launch into new territories.

This phase-one launch follows five months of beta testing and is the next-generation social networking, shopping, distributing and selling. It enables active lifestyle consumers to… Socialize and interact; create groups; start or join existing groups; and post pictures, videos and other content to share with their friends on their free social feed.  Post and Discover new products, classes and events. Connect with new like-minded friends they find in groups, create online communities, or events on Mokingo. Communicate with their favourite mentors and peers, purchase classes, sessions, clothing, other products and services. Shop by store where they can purchase the brands, gear and nutrition products that these influencers use most. Connect, socialize and make money by endorsing the products they love most, and earn commission on anything that sells through their personal social channels. Through an E-Money wallet already available, users can earn consistently with revenue credited directly to their accounts on Mokingo e-money accounts, redeemable anytime with one click.

Mokingo plans to roll out added features and services in phases, including a new digital bank Mokingo Money,  Mokingo Connect an app allowing users to make video calls, message each other, and conduct live video seminars. The IOS and Android App versions of the platform will be announced in Phase 3 of the roll out.

About Mokingo:

Mokingo Group is a new international brand of companies launched in 2013 and set to expand throughout Africa with corporate and head offices in Cameroon, West Africa and satelite branches in Ethiopia, Mauritius and the United Kingdom. The main sectors of Mokingo include;  Social network, Retail/E-Commerce, Media & Entertainment, Fashion, Solar Energy, Money transfer/Postal Distribution and Education/Philanthropy. The group was founded by Cameroonian, Jordan Makia Kensington who is also behind the European successful brand of companies Invincible Global Group which has had 21 years of international trade working with companies such as Samsung Mobile, Levis, CoCa Cola, Tuborg Beer, Virgin, British Airways and more. Mokingo which means 'Love' is set to become one of the fastest growing brands in the continent of Africa responding to the key needs of this demographic.



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