Andy Bradshaw

Male. Lives in London, United Kingdom. Born on August 11.
by on August 8, 2020
In their latest single and music video, titled “Memories I Don’t Want,” Against The Voices get as experimental as ever with elements of rock  and even a touch of throwback pop decadence, and while their influences have never been on their sleeve quite as prominently as they are in this most recent studio work, this band ironically winds up producing something that feels – and sounds – quite futuristic here. “Memories I Don’t Want” is sleek, oddly cosmopolitan (especially given the countrified...
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by on August 8, 2020
Devin White is an R&B musician and talent scout for Rel Carter, Roc Nation executive and nephew of rap icon Jay-Z. Together they launched ‘The Culture Tour’ in 2017, a national platform designed to educate upcoming creatives on the inner-workings of the music industry.Devin previously served as executive assistant to Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation records A&R division and currently curates artistic programming for an array of non-profit organizations and label affiliates.  Delvin has hooked up wi...
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